The Trumpet Blasts …

Ruby on Wheels

Any Scot with a smattering of knowledge about our history will know something about the content of a book titled “The First Blast of the Trumpet“. It can be none other than John Knox. Indeed, the novel is about Knox’s early life. The idea of finding out a bit more about his background and the issues of the time intrigued me, and I welcomed the opportunity to read a wee bit of history with a wee bit of fiction intertwined. The novel didn’t disappoint.

The novel introduces various characters such as the Elizabeth Hepburn, the Earl of Bothwell, as well as John Knox, and the relationships between the characters gradually unfolds (although I must admit I was puzzled at first at the chapters devoted to life in St Mary’s Abbey). There are a few fictional characters, but most of the main action is based on historical figures. This…

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