The Corbie Messenger

A Prequel to The First Blast of the Trumpet.12900

Haddington, Scotland, August 1520
When a black-coated stranger unexpectedly appears in the poverty-stricken hamlet of Giffordgait, the young John Knox is curious at first. Taking him to be a travelling packman, he follows him but when doors are firmly shut in the stranger’s face, John’s curiosity turns to fear. The moment his sick mother invites the man inside, John’s life is thrown into turmoil. Who is this stranger and what impact does he have on the Knox family? What trials must the young John overcome in his new life? To the six-year-old John the world is a frightening place, full of unseen creatures, hidden dangers and mysterious forces. He struggles to make sense of the contradictions confronting him: superstitious beliefs and Roman Catholic dogma, cowardice and bravery, poverty and privilege. The Corbie Messenger, a prequel toThe First Blast of the Trumpet, explores the conflicting influences that helped to shape the complex character of the leading figure of the Scottish Reformation

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