John Knox, the Hall of Heroes and the Yellowlees

Marie de Guise-Lorraine 1515-2025

John Knox. Stirling, Wallace monument. Marble bust of John Knox in The Hall of Heroes. The National Wallace Monument, Stirling © A.B.

Within The National Wallace Monument near Stirling in Scotland, I really didn’t expect him to be present. But there he was, amidst the white marble portraits of Sir Walter Scott, of young Robert Burns, of Livingstone and many other famous Scotsmen : John Knox, the 16th century reformer, pamphletist and gifted orator. A protestant minister of Renaissance times amongst scottish stars and celebrities in science, industry, education and the arts. I guess his contribution to education granted him the honour to appear in the Hall of Heroes, which forms the second level of the Monument erected around 1860 andfollowing.  It is doubtful that Knox’s marble bust is much noticed, as most visitors – me included – don’t look for 16th century intellectuals but sword wielding national hero William Wallace :…

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