Mary and Louis of Orléans : A princely wedding in the summer of 1534

Marie de Guise’s first marriage

Marie de Guise-Lorraine 1515-2015

There are no pictures – neither of the young woman of eighteen, nor of her husband, Louis of Orléans, duke of Longueville, born 1510, the great chambellan of France. Mary of Guise, eldest daughter of duke Claude of Guise and Antoinette of Bourbon, was introduced to the French Court tree years ago, in march 1531, when she was only fifteen. It had been for a royal wedding, the second for king Francis I of France. His new queen was the sister of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, spanish raised Eleanor of Austria. From the descriptions in the Céremonial François, we know how Mary looked like when she followed the Queen from the Saint-Denis cathedral into the city of Paris.

But what gown wore Mary for her own wedding? How was her hair done? Which jewels did she wear? Only one thing we are sure of: there was no white…

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