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Philippa of Guelders, Duchess of Lorraine

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Effigy of Phillipa of Guelders, Duchess of Lorraine

Philippa of Guelders was born on November 9, 1467. Her father was Adolf of Egmond, Duke of Guelders and Count of Zutphen and her mother was Catharine of Bourbon. Philippa had a twin brother Charles and they were born at Graves, Netherlands and were the only children of their parents. The duchy was named after the town of Geldern which is now located in Germany. The present province of Gelderland in the Netherlands occupies most of the area of the former duchy.

Philippa was to grow up to be a celebrated beauty. Her emblem was a thistle leaf with the motto “Do not touch me, or I will prick”. A marriage was arranged with René II, Duke of Lorraine and the nuptials took place on September 1, 1485 in Orléans. Phillipa and René were to have at least 13 children.

• Charles…

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Meet Anne Le Fert

Meet the Ladies

Anne, the one time sister-in-law of religious leader John Calvin, went on trial for adultery twice. The first time the possible adultery was reported by John Calvin, who would act as a kind of lawyer for his brother in both cases. This first accusation of adultery caused the Consistory to investigate closely, but they held that the couple should attempt to reconcile, as it seems Anne had only been imprudent; adultery could not be proven. After this period of reconciliation, (during which at least two children were born) the Calvin brothers decided Anne had become too familiar with a male servant and once again filed charges of adultery. After close questioning, jail time, and a few periods of torture Anne held that she was innocent. The Consistory ruled in favor of the Calvin brothers with divorce granted and Anne banished as the evidence was too thin for the death penalty…

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Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland

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Margaret Tudor by Daniel Mijtens Margaret Tudor by Daniel Mijtens (source)

Margaret Tudor was the eldest daughter of King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York. She was the elder sister of Henry VIII and Mary Tudor. Her marriage to the King of Scotland was to have repercussions for Scottish history down to this day.

Margaret was born November 28, 1489, the daughter of King Henry VII of England and his wife Elizabeth of York. She was named after her grandmother, Lady Margaret Beaufort, Henry VII’s mother. She grew up with her siblings at Eltham Palace under the guidance of their mother. She was educated by tutors and schoolmasters and excelled at music, an interest she shared with her mother. Talk of marriage to the King of Scotland began when she was six years old.

After numerous skirmishes with Scotland over the years, Henry VII negotiated a peace treaty…

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16th century cloaks: Lord Seton’s red golden ‘mante’

Marie de Guise-Lorraine 1515-2025

GeorgeLordSeton Adrian Vanson, George, 5th Lord of Seton © Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh / NG 2274

George Seton was born in 1531 in Tranent, East Lothian. The Latin inscription from the wall of the Seton Collegiate Church in the Lothians states, that George had been living in France as a boy. After his father’s death in 1549, he returned to Scotland to become 5th Lord Seton. Soon afterwards, he was appointed by the Scottish Parliament to return to France and negotiate, and later ratify, the marriage contract between the Scottish Queen, who lived in France, and the eldest son of king Henry II of France.

On this portrait, Scottish nobleman Seton displays the magnificent clothes he wore at the wedding of Mary Queen of Scots with the French Dauphin Francis in April 1558 in the Paris Louvre. However, Seton’s portrait was painted twenty years after the actual event…

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