16th century cloaks: Lord Seton’s red golden ‘mante’

Marie de Guise-Lorraine 1515-2015

GeorgeLordSeton Adrian Vanson, George, 5th Lord of Seton © Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh / NG 2274

George Seton was born in 1531 in Tranent, East Lothian. The Latin inscription from the wall of the Seton Collegiate Church in the Lothians states, that George had been living in France as a boy. After his father’s death in 1549, he returned to Scotland to become 5th Lord Seton. Soon afterwards, he was appointed by the Scottish Parliament to return to France and negotiate, and later ratify, the marriage contract between the Scottish Queen, who lived in France, and the eldest son of king Henry II of France.

On this portrait, Scottish nobleman Seton displays the magnificent clothes he wore at the wedding of Mary Queen of Scots with the French Dauphin Francis in April 1558 in the Paris Louvre. However, Seton’s portrait was painted twenty years after the actual event…

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