Mary of Guise, Scotland’s French Queen (1540 to 1542)


Marie of Guise-Lorraine. © British Museum, London. François Clouet, Mary of Lorraine, « La mere de la Royne descos de la meson de guise » © British Museum, London, Gg 1.420

September 18, 2014. For the first time in History, a referendum gives the Scottish people the possibility to chose if Scotland should be independent or not. For centuries, Scotland was an independent kingdom, but no one ever dreamt of asking the Scots by whom they wished to be ruled. Their kings – and more so their queens – often descended from powerful families born in foreign countries: in England, in Denmark or in France. One of these foreign rulers was Queen Mary of Guise.

Mary of Guise-Lorraine was born the first child of what would become one of the most powerful families in 16th century France, the Guise. Her life was later marked by profound changes in European society and religion. In…

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