Ghosts of St Andrews

Looking for the spectres of Wishart and Beaton? find them here!!

The Hazel Tree

St Andrews Cathedral and St Rule's TowerDominated by the crumbling ruins of a once-fine cathedral and castle, St Andrews has a long and rich history.   This is the home of Scotland’s oldest university, and the lovely old college buildings stand shoulder-to-shoulder with traditional town houses and shops.

By day it’s an idyllic place to visit, but at night, especially in autumn and winter when the sea mists creep in, spirits are said to walk the narrow streets.  

St Andrews graveyard (2)Whole books have been written about the ghosts of St Andrews.   It seems that every building has its own spectral inhabitant, just waiting for an opportune moment to ooze out of the stonework.     A few areas in particular are noted for ghost sightings – so much so that many residents tend to avoid them after dusk.

Here are just four places where, if you glance over your shoulder, you might just find that you’re not alone…

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