St Michael’s Church, Linlithgow

Stunning photography by Joanne Woolf of ST Michael’s Church Linlithgow

The Hazel Tree

Jo Linlithgow (8)Just a few footsteps away from the spectacular main entrance of Linlithgow Palace is the lovely church of St Michael.

When we last visited Linlithgow Palace – which must be nearly five years ago – I overlooked the church, and I must admit that I didn’t realise what an important role it played in the history of the Palace.

But in late January we went back to Linlithgow, and this time we took a look inside.

Linlithgow Colin 4Jo Linlithgow (7)

Linlithgow Church (23)

It was a bitterly cold day, and a fresh fall of powdery snow had been driven against all the gravestones in the churchyard.   An organist was practising as we stepped inside, filling the entire church with an immense and magnificent sound – I don’t know what the music was but it was brilliant, and a testament to both the player and the organ itself.

Linlithgow Church (12)Linlithgow Church (16)Colin Linlithgow 6The interior was surprisingly open and light, with sunlight streaming in…

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