The History of Craigmillar Castle

Informative post on the history of Craigmillar Castle by Susan Abernethy.

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Ruins of Craigmillar Castle (Photo by the author) Ruins of Craigmillar Castle (Photo by the author)

Believe it or not, Edinburgh, Scotland has another beautifully preserved medieval castle. Yes, Edinburgh Castle is spectacular, sitting high up on the volcanic rock with a bird’s eye view of the whole city and the Firth of Forth. When I first visited Edinburgh Castle, I thought it was the coolest castle I’d ever seen. And I still think it is. But Craigmillar is a fine example of a medieval castle in and of itself and I really enjoyed my visit there. The castle has many connections with royalty and it has an especially interesting association with Mary Queen of Scots.

The site of Craigmillar Castle is in what is now called Craigmillar Castle Park which is adjacent to the Royal Palace of Holyroodhouse. These lands were first granted to the monks of Dunfermline Abbey by King David I, the son of…

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