Loch Dochart Castle

Jo Woolf’s post on Loch Dochart Castle and the Black Campbells

The Hazel Tree

Loch Dochart Castle (1)Every time we drive past Loch Dochart on our way up towards Crianlarich, I crane my neck to catch sight of a ruined castle.   It isn’t easy to spot – sometimes I miss it – because you have to wait for a gap in the trees.  And stopping on that particular stretch of road is more difficult than you’d think.

But last autumn we did stop, and walked back through the woods that fringe the loch in order to get a better, and longer, look at Loch Dochart Castle.

Loch Dochart Castle (2)For a sixteenth-century tower house, there is not a great deal left to see, but it more than makes up for that in the romance of the setting.   It stands on a little island in the loch, the sharp corners of broken stonework softened by the caress of trees, while at its feet the wind stirs the rushes that…

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