Modern scholarship on Mary of Guise

Mary of Guise

Marie de Guise-Lorraine 1515-2025

Throughout the Middle Ages into the sixteenth century, France and Scotland were closely allied under the banner of “my enemies’ enemy is my friend”, and both were enemies of England. Mary, a woman from the powerful Guise family in France, became queen consort of Scotland when she married James V, and was the mother to Mary Stuart. There has been much less scholarship produced on Mary of Guise than on a number of early modern queens, hence the value of Pamela Ritchie‘s work, which reassesses Mary of Guise’s role in Scottish history in a series of thematic chapters. In the 1550s Mary of Guise was the effective ruler of Scotland. As a woman, a foreigner and a Catholic, Mary faced serious problems exacerbated by the hostility of the Protestant English. Yet she managed to protect her daughter and achieve a measure of stability. Richie’s work…

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