The Court of King Edward VI

Fascinating details on Edward VI. John Knox was chaplain at the English royal court from 1561-1563.

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I’ve been reading up on King Edward VI, the only  legitimate son and immediate successor of King Henry VIII of England. His mother Queen Jane Seymour died within days of his birth and he was brought up within his own household, mostly by women until he was about six years old. He was then turned over to tutors and scholars to be given one of the finest classical, humanist educations of his era.

King Henry VIII died when Edward was nine. Because of Edward’s youth at the time of his accession, his government was controlled by regents, the first of which was his maternal uncle, Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset who was named Lord Protector. After the downfall of Somerset, John Dudley, Earl of Warwick and later Duke of Northumberland, became regent. Although Edward was not in control of his own government, his court was a remarkable panoply of splendor…

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