Book review: ‘The First Blast of the Trumpet’ by Marie Macpherson

Many thanks, Jo, for this flattering review!

The Hazel Tree

‘Bring my niece,’ Prior Hepburn thundered.  ‘At once.’

Sister Maryoth pressed her hands together.  It grieves me greatly to tell you,’ she said, trying to suppress a smile cracking her face.  ‘But the novice Elisabeth has eloped.’

First Blast of TrumpetScotland, 1513.  For many people, especially those of the court of James IV, life was about to change forever.   As soldiers began massing in the Borders, ready to depart for the ill-fated Field of Flodden, a young woman by the name of Elisabeth Hepburn was fighting for the heart of the man she loved, before it was all too late.

Marie Macpherson is the author of ‘The First Blast of the Trumpet’, an absorbing book which I’ve been reading over the last few weeks.   With the skill of a born writer and the detailed knowledge of a historian, she weaves together fact, fiction and magic to conjure a story that draws…

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