“Reliconomics” ~ A guest post by Erik Von Norden

The Freelance History Writer

Erik Von Norden joins The Freelance History Writer with an article on the economics of medieval relics. Erik is a practicing attorney living in the north woods of Vermont, USA. The likely release date is September 1, 2015 for his book titled: “Theory of Irony: How Jesus Led to Moon Golf” (Amazon.com). One can always read a chapter, leave a comment or create a blogroll link on his blog [one word] theoryofirony.com.

large church steeple

It is hard to exaggerate how far commerce among Western European nations dropped off in the centuries after the Western Roman Empire disintegrated, but I’ll try. To get my point, consider the very real role that religious relic economics played in medieval trade – “reliconomics,” if you will. These religious relics in every sense equaled liquid assets and a big part of any land’s gross national product would be stored in them. Churches invested heavily in diversified…

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