Dryburgh Abbey

The Hazel Tree

Dryburgh (11)

“There are narrations, from which it is inferred that Dryburgh was originally a place of Druidical worship;  its name is supposed to come from the Celtic ‘Darach-Bruach’ or ‘the bank of the sacred grove of oaks,’ the settlement of the Druids.”    The Gentleman’s Magazine, October 1832

Some of the places I visit make me wonder whether the feeling of deep stillness existed before they were built, or whether it came about because of the devotion and serenity of the people who lived there afterwards.

Dryburgh Abbey is one of those places.

The first Christian worship at Dryburgh may have taken place around 600 AD, when a missionary called St Modan – or some of his followers – chose a loop in the River Tweed for the location of a simple church.  However, no physical evidence of this has yet been found.

Dryburgh (23)

It was down to Hugh de Moreville in…

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