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Six more of Scotland’s haunted castles

The Hazel Tree

There’s one thing that Scotland will never run short of, and that’s haunted castles.  Since Hallowe’en is approaching, I wondered if you’d like to tiptoe around a few of them with me…


Tantallon B&WOne place I wouldn’t like to be left alone in at night is Tantallon.  The ancestral seat of the Earls of Douglas, this is a giant maze of a place, full of shadows and dark corners, twisting stairs and tumbling parapets.

You’d think that any ghost of Tantallon might be the selective, retiring kind, appearing only now and again on a full moon or a high tide.  But no.  This one seems to like media attention, and I wouldn’t even be surprised to learn that he has his own Facebook account.   The spectre first appeared in 1976, in the background of a photo taken by an unsuspecting visitor to the castle;   and in 2008…

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