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Rosslyn Chapel: catching the light

Tour of Rosslyn Chapel by Joanne Woolf

The Hazel Tree

Rosslyn Chapel 26Mention Rosslyn Chapel in a sentence, and at some deeper level you’re immediately aware of a whole can of metaphysical worms being opened.  You can almost see them writhing around.

Many of the places I write about on The Hazel Tree I’ve visited with hardly any preconceptions;  quite often, I stumble across a place by accident and discover the history afterwards.

Not so this time.

Like millions of people, I read Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’ about 10 years ago, and so the image of Rosslyn Chapel was imprinted on my mind.  The whole story about the rose line and the ancient secrets embedded in stone was so alluring, and even though much of it was fiction, I couldn’t help wondering just how much truth there was underneath.

And ever since we moved to Scotland, I’ve been noticing Rosslyn on the map, and thinking, “I really must…

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