Rosslyn Castle – falling shadows

Joanne Woolf takes us on the spooky tour of Rosslyn Castle.

The Hazel Tree

“Rosslyn Glen was settled by the Bronze Age and is the largest surviving tract of ancient woodland in Midlothian, in which over two hundred species of flowering plants and sixty species of breeding birds have been recorded…”   ‘Rosslyn Chapel’, by the Earl of Rosslyn

Rosslyn Castle 79On dark and stormy nights, so it is said, a blood-curdling sound can be heard in the woodlands around Rosslyn Castle.   According to folklore, it comes from a phantom dog, the ghost of a war hound which belonged to an English knight.   In 1302, there was a fierce battle in Rosslyn Glen between Scottish and English forces.  When a Scotsman killed the English knight, the dog set upon him and he was forced to slay that, too;  but that wasn’t the end of the story, because every night from then onwards the ghost of the dog would appear in the guard room at Rosslyn Castle…

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