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A Catholic recusant in the court of Elizabeth I

In the aftermath of Martin Luther nailing his 95 theses to a church door in Wittenberg (and yes, I know it isn’t entirely certain he did nail them, but it makes for a forceful image, doesn’t it? Mu…

Source: A Catholic recusant in the court of Elizabeth I


Clava Cairns

The Clava Cairns, deep in history and the highlands….

The Hazel Tree

We came across Clava Cairns as the sun sank in the winter sky, glinting through the branches and leaving deep shadowy hollows still thick with frost from the night before.

abernethy-jw-jan-2017-125It’s a place that you have to seek out, taking a few turns down narrow country roads, past fields and woods until a long stone wall and a brown road sign tell you that you’re there.  Pulling into the small car park alongside, you’re still not really aware of the place until you step out from the trees and into the grassy area that they seem to be so intently guarding.  Then you see them:  three wide circular mounds topped with rounded cobbles, each one apparently surrounded by its own ring of standing stones.

abernethy-jw-jan-2017-94abernethy-jw-jan-2017-84Long shadows radiated like fingers, blurring the edge between reality and imagination.  Sunlight caught random patches of moss and stone, while on the lee side all was…

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Marie Macpherson @MGMacpherson – An insight into the background of writing the historical novel.

At Cockenzie and Port Seton Local History Society

Love Books Group

img_3647-edited Marie Macpherson

Tonight I was lucky enough to attend Marie’s talk. I have to be honest my knowledge of the history of John Knox is little to none. I was interested to learn about him and I did. Marie is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work.  Her enthusiasm is infectious I wanted her to talk to me for hours.

I encourage you to pop on Amazon and snap up her books. Links are below. In due course  we will have a lovely review of The Second Blast of The Trumpet here on the blog.

First Blast Of The Trumpet ~ Amazon UK

The Second Blast Of The Trumpet ~ Amazon UK

If you would like to contact Marie Macpherson for more information on her novels you can using the following links:

Twitter: @MGMacpherson


img_3644-edited Marie Macpherson

img_3645-edited Marie Macpherson

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