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The Goldsmith, the Footman, the Queen, and the Earl of Bothwell

Objects and the archive

Jacob Kroger (d. 1594) was a German goldsmith who worked for Anna of Denmark in Scotland and stole her jewels.

Jacob Kroger was a citizen of Lüneburg, ruled by Anna of Denmark’s brother-in-law, Henry Julius, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg.[1] He completed his apprenticeship as a goldsmith in 1575 instructed by the master goldsmiths Tönnies Dierssen and Steffen Olrikes.[2] Dierssen, whose hallmark was an antelope, made objects such as highly decorative spoons and cups. Kroger’s Lüneburg contemporaries Luleff Meier and Dirich Utermarke made a mirror frame decorated with the theme of Nebuchadnezzar from the Book of Daniel.

Jacob Kroger came to Scotland with Anna of Denmark and her husband James VI in 1590. He was a member of her household and was accommodated with her at Holyroodhouse or Dunfermline Palace, where he would eat his meals at the head of a table with other Danish servants, including her tailors, the…

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