A sport for kings at Falkland Palace

The Hazel Tree

Falkland Garden 4Following on from my tour of the amazing Falkland Palace, I want to tell you how I managed to step back in time in the gardens…

Because it was only the end of March, the herbaceous borders were still very much dormant;   a wren was flitting around a leafless bush, and in the lawns hundreds of crocuses were opening up to the morning sun.

Falkland CrocusesSeeing Colin absorbed in photography, I suddenly remembered something I’d read about Falkland Palace – one of its original features – and I took myself off to find it.

Across a paved area, through a door and down a few steps… and there was the original ‘real’ or ‘royal’ tennis court, built in 1539 for James V.

Falkland tennis court (1)I’ve never seen anything like this before.  I was standing in the spectators’ area, a long corridor with openings down the length of one side, facing onto the court…

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3 thoughts on “A sport for kings at Falkland Palace

    1. mariegm1210 Post author

      Hi Jo,You have a such a great blog with fantastic photo – it’s a joy to share. And also to virtually ‘meet’ another aficionado of Scotland’s history. Will reblog Linlithgow Palace – Love the photo of the fountain! Is it possible to Pin them on Pinterest or are they copyright?

      1. Jo Woolf

        Hi Marie, Thank you very much! That’s very kind of you to say so, and I’m delighted you are enjoying it. Linlithgow is a fantastic place, as is Falkland Palace.

        You are welcome to pin the photos on Pinterest – some of them do have a faint copyright logo in them but this is mainly to try and stop people using them for profit.

        With kind regards

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