Perkin Warbeck ~ Pretender to the English Throne

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The Yorkist/Lancastrian conflict known as the War of the Roses is filled with interesting stories from battles to execution by drowning in a butt of malmsey. Because the two young sons of King Edward IV disappeared in the Tower of London there was a lot of speculation about what happened to them. This left the door open for pretenders to appear. Whether or not you believe Perkin Warbeck was Richard, Duke of York, his story is intriguing, fascinating and nearly unbelievable. He managed to maintain his identity and travel the courts of Europe for eight years, soliciting money, troops and ships in an attempt to take the English throne.

Perkin Warbeck was the name he was called later in his adventures. Pierrechon de Werbecque was born c. 1474 in Tournai, in what is now Belgium. He was the son of John Osbek, a boatman and comptroller of the town and…

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